I recently read an article that details the growing relationship between employer sponsored 401k plans and employer sponsored health insurance plans.  Over the last 40 years the industry has seen pension plans go away and shift to 401k plans.  This has taken the responsibility of retirement out of the employers hands and into the employees. 

This is what some are predicting will happen to health insurance plans in 2014 when the Affordable Care Act is implemented.  With this shift, it is going to make it even more important for employees to keep an eye on their current plans and watch for changes in 2014.  These changes could increase premium, raise deductible, lower coverages and increase out of pocket maximums.  This increases the importance of supplementing your insurance with additional coverages to “fill the gaps” in your plan.  A low cost critical illness plan or accident plan may be the additions to coverage you need to make up of for the increase in your deductible or decrease in coverage.  Here is a link to the article if you would like more information: